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Open Source Software

The software supported will be selected based on the needs of our customers. contact us for the best Open Source solutions for you.

For a list of supported software, go to the Software page.

Free software has great potential for information security and protection of privacy. The applications downloadable (mostly) for free, are usable without paying licensing fees. Their computer code is also open, allowing everyone to handle and shape it according to specific needs, therefore, greater independence.

Products and services

  • Analysis of the existing IT environment and producing a report on the possible uses of open source software;
  • Feasibility study to identify the risks associated with your project and find the best ways to implement;
  • Developing the migration scenario and choosing of the best ways to implement the project in your reality;
  • Installation and configuration of Debian and Ubuntu servers and workstations;
  • Installation and configuration of Free Open Source software;
  • Documentation, support, training and technology transfer to the client.


  • Secure Solutions for workstations and servers;
  • Stable, flexible, scalable and sustainable IT environment;
  • Simple to use and support available on the Internet;
  • Ability to benifit from the changes made by other users.

Choice of Open Source Software

The main criteria considered in the maturity model of Open Source software:
  • Testing, bugs, standards used, quality assurance;
  • Quality of the development team, size and therefore the stability of the community who develop and use this software;
  • Age of product and the number of major releases;
  • Quality of support, documentation and training available.

Contact smellems Solutions for more information on open source software.